About us


At Scooter Tutor we know that every student, without exception, has the potential to improve when they apply themselves. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how able you consider yourself to be, or whether you have confronted difficulties in the past, we can help you achieve your goals.

We have developed the technology and the team to help you take the hassle out of homework!

How we started.

Scooter Tutor started from humble beginnings with only a handful of tutors in Brisbane. We quickly realised the industry was lacking a top-quality, flexible and affordable solution for families and students across Australia. It became our goal to fill this gap by connecting students with the best tutors available, while allowing ultimate flexibility at a truly affordable price point.

Since then, we have onboarded hundreds of brilliant tutors, all of whom are employed by us, and developed an advanced lesson management platform to ensure our families and students have instant access to our tutors. We now provide education support to students all across Australia and are working with a number of major organisations to support the broader community. If we’re not available in your area just yet, we aim to be very soon!

Our tutors.

We pride ourselves on the quality our tutors and proactively monitor your feedback to continue to meet your family’s learning needs. You will not be disappointed. Please read these testimonials written by past students and parents.