Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to our most frequently asked questions. If your particular questions remain unanswered, please Contact Us and we'll be happy to assist you with any enquiries.

Our Tutors

Scooter Tutor has a proven recruitment process and takes the time to individually interview and scrutinise each and every tutor we employ. Our tutors are the public face of Scooter Tutor, so we take pride in selecting the best people for the job.

Our tutors are qualified and registered in various fields of study. We have tutors ranging from undergraduate students through to school teachers and lecturers. We will be able to provide an overview of your tutor’s qualifications through the booking process. They are individually selected by Scooter Tutor to provide the best possible learning experience for our students.

All of our tutors hold a valid Working With Children Check from their relevant State Government which formally allows them to work with Children and Young People.

We pride ourselves on ensuring the relationship between the tutor and the student is matched to suit the student's requirements. Please Contact Us to discuss options for changing your tutor.

We encourage students to contact tutors directly, in order to arrange lesson change times and ask questions. You'll receive your tutor's contact details in your first lesson confirmation.

Our Services

No, there are no lock in contracts. The prepaid packages are non-refundable, however the option is available to you to use the hourly rate until you're comfortable with the process and tutor selection.

One hour, however lessons can be extended in 30 minute intervals if required. We recommend 90 minute intervals for students covering 2 subjects, such as Mathematics B and Physics.

Our pre-paid packages never expire, so you can use the hours whenever and however you want.

Yes, our larger prepaid packages are designed for families, so you can purchase a single prepaid package for multiple use among students. You can also select different tutors for each student using the package.

Yes, Scooter Tutor has been used as an Australian Defence Force tuition provider. We have an ADF ROMAN Vendor Number in order to be invoiced directly from the Defence Force upon your approval for tuition assistance. We can track your lessons to ensure you stay within Defence Force assistance guidelines.

Rates, charges and payment methods

We require all lessons to be paid for in advance, and you can pay via credit card online or over the phone at the time of purchase.

No, our fees are charged as hourly rates or as hours purchased in prepaid packages. Please see our pricing structure here.

No, we find tutors within your area so a rate for travel is unnecessary. If we're unable to find a tutor in your area, you can go on a waitlist until a suitable tutor is found.