Tutor Information

Interested to join the fastst growing tutoring company in Australia? Here are some tips to help you get started!

1. You'll need a valid Working With Children Check or Blue Card.

Everyone who works with Scooter Tutor must have a formally recognised and valid certification allowing them to work with children. This certification varies in each state, and there may be an annual fee which you are required to pay. To read more, or apply for the certification required to work with Scooter Tutor, please select your state below.

2. Scooter Tutor will need to be registered as your employer.

Each state in Australia requires paid tutors to have an Employee WWCC or Blue Card. If you already have a valid WWCC or Blue Card, please visit the relevant link above to transfer your certification from Volunteer to Employee with Scooter Tutor. Note that you may need to reference Scooter Tutor Pty Ltd (ABN 17 613 847 402) as your employer.

QLD tutors only: Click here to download a pre-populated transfer form. Please email your completed form to recruitment@scootertutor.com.au.

3. Maintain your availability in our online platform.

At Scooter Tutor, you are responsible for your own timetable. For this reason it is important that your availability is up to date in our online platform, ScooterAdmin. This system allows parents and students to book a lesson with you instantly, without having to contact you beforehand. Once the lesson is confirmed, you will be notified of the details of the lesson and client. Simply maintain your availability each week and sit back and wait for the lessons to roll in!

Have more questions? Read our tutor FAQs.