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High school can be a challenging time. Our tutors, who range from high-achieving uni students to registered teachers, help to guarantee that your student will get the most out of high school.


There’s no denying that high school can be a trying time for some students. Take some of the pressure off of your son or daughter by ensuring they succeed academically so that they can enjoy the other great opportunities that high school has to offer! Scooter Tutor employs many gifted tutors who can help your child make the most of these formative years.

Our tutors have experience in all basic subjects and can make your teen feel better about their academic experience. Our One-on-One lessons and Group Sessions are designed to focus upon your child’s specific syllabus so that our tutors get straight to assisting your children with the challenging questions.


We also specialise in preparing high schoolers for HSC and QCS Tests.

No matter the subject, your high schooler will find the help they need. Book Now!

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