How it Works

Home tutoring with the best tutors in Australia.

At Scooter Tutor, our tutors are our heroes. That’s why we spend a significant amount of time interviewing every tutors who applies, and ensuring they have the required experience, skills and qualifications to become a tutor with us. We’re proud to employ all of our tutors, and we put in the work upfront to make sure you get nothing but the best.

1. Search

When you search for a tutor on our website, you’ll see tutors who are within a 20 minute drive from you, are qualified to teach your subject, and have available time in their calendar. You can read a bit about each tutor, plus see their star rating from all previous lessons, before selecting the best tutor for you.


2. Confirm

Once you’ve signed in or registered, you can book a lesson with your selected tutor instantly. No waiting. No uncertainty. Instantly. How do we do this? Each of our tutors provide their weekly availability in our platform, and these are the times that are available to you. When you choose a day and time, both you and your selected tutor will receive instant notification of the lesson details.


3. Learn

Now just sit back and relax! Our tutor will arrive at your location on your selected day and time to teach the lesson. We’re so confident about our tutors’ abilities that if you’re not satisfied with your first lesson, we’ll send as many new tutors as it takes* until you’re happy – at no cost.

* Pending tutor availability.


4. Review

When your lesson is complete, you’ll receive an email asking for your rating and feedback from the lesson. We’d love to hear your feedback, as it lets us ensure we continue to provide the highest-quality tutors to families across Australia.


5. Save

On top of our discount packages, when you sign up, you’ll also receive a unique referral code that will give you a full hour of free tutoring for each new student you refer to Scooter Tutor. The family you refer will also receive 50% off their first lesson when they use your code.


Your own personal tutor. Online, from anywhere.

Scooter Tutor’s video tutoring platform allows you to learn from one of our great tutors, no matter where you live. Have you read how our face-to-face tutoring works? The process is very similar, but here are some of the benefits of video tutoring with Scooter Tutor.

1. Learn online

When you book a video lesson, both you and your tutor will receive a video link rather than a street address. Simply visit the link at the time of the lesson to join your Scooter Tutor video room. You can chat, share files instantly, and continue to learn from a great tutor, no matter where you live.


2. Switch anytime

If we don’t have a tutor in your area right away, video lessons with one of our tutors is a great option. But what happens when we find a tutor near you and you’d prefer face-to-face lessons? No problems! You can swap between video and face-to-face lessons at any time, at no extra cost.


That’s it!

Everything else is exactly the same. To view our available online tutors, simply search for your subject requirements here, and then select the Online tutors tab.